Since 1893, the leader in managing Chicago’s finest residences

Palm II VideoFor over 120 years, Draper and Kramer, Incorporated has enjoyed a reputation as Chicago’s premier, multi-disciplined real estate and financial service firm. DK Condo, a Draper and Kramer company, provides the excellent service our clients have come to require.

For over 35 years the condominium community management group has focused on the lakefront and Chicago Loop. Our philosophy is simple; we protect, maintain and enhance the livability and value of the communities that we serve as we enhance the envied lifestyle of the association members. We approach our communities to achieve specific results consistent with Board direction. Our team of trained professionals assists communities as they refine their needs and begin implementation. Servicing 34,000 units in over 95 communities, our experience is second to none. For over thirty years we have employed the largest group of CPM’s and accredited managers in the mid-west. Our corporate and on-site staff members demonstrate knowledge, experience, dedication and drive as they establish community benchmarks. See what our clients are saying.

IREM AwardNot only do our clients benefit from our expertise in community management, they often benefit from other Draper and Kramer services. As the largest full service real estate firm in the Midwest, our condominium owners have the opportunity to enjoy the services of residential sales, rentals, commercial management and leasing, real estate development, valuation/appraisal services, commercial and residential mortgage services, investment services, insurance and risk management, personal insurance, realty advisors and research and analysis. We assist our clients with all of their real estate needs. For more information please also visit, and or click on any of the links on the home page.

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